January 6, 2022

Awards Eligibility Post for 2021

As awards season descends upon us all, we’ve compiled a reference list of all the original stories Zooscape published in 2021, along with approximate word counts.  We think they’re all award-worthy.  We hope you think so too!

Dance of Wood and Grace by Marie Croke (2,100 words)

The Lonely Little Toaster by A Humphrey Lanham (1,100 words)

How to Safely Engage in Telepathy with the Dolphins of Ocean Paradise by Elizabeth Cobbe (900 words)

Bliss and Abundance by Nicholas Stillman (3,200 words)

Heart of Ice by Anna Madden (1,000 words)

And the Red Dragon Passes by Emily Randolph-Epstein (2,100 words)

Coffee and the Fox by Mari Ness (800 words)

The Sewers of New York by Elinor Caiman Sands (1,600 words)

The Tech by James L. Steele (4,500 words)

Puss Reboots by Rachel Ayers (1,500 words)

Persinette by Elizabeth Walker (1,000 words)

Him Without Her and Her Within Him by Aimee Ogden (4,500)

A List of Historical Places Frequented by a Boy and His Dog by Eleanor R. Wood (500 words)

The Squirrelherd and the Sound by Emmie Christie (3,000 words)

Mama’s Nursery by Gloria Carnevale (2,500 words)

Moon-Eye by Garick Cooke (1,000 words)

Moonbow by Jason Kocemba (3,400 words)

How We’re Made by Christopher Zerby (5,700 words)

Three Layer Apple Pie by Mephitis (500 words)

Xerophilous by M. J. Pettit (9,400 words)

Rabbitheart by Archita Mittra (3,000)

Scale Baby by M. H. Ayinde (3,600)

To Gentle the Wind by Deborah L. Davitt (900 words)

Be Productive Like Cha-Cha by Katlina Sommerberg (150 words)

The Incandescence of Her Simulacrum by Logan Thrasher Collins (1,000 words)

A Chance to Breathe by Daniel Ausema (3,200 words)


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