December 1, 2020

Issue 9

Welcome to Issue 9 of Zooscape!

Creativity… expression… transformation…  These are ways to be true to yourself.  Through creativity and expression, discover who you are in the first place, and once you know, hold tight to the truth of yourself, or transform yourself into the the person you’re really meant to be.

All of the stories in this issue are about characters discovering who they are, holding firm to their principles, or finding ways to become who they’re meant to be.

Maybe by reading them, you’ll find a part of yourself.

* * *

The Good Smell by Tim Susman

The White Deer by Ian Madison Keller

Shadowbox on the Tundra by Gretchen Tessmer

Hope, Unrequested and Freely Given by Brent Baldwin

Song of the Raven and Crow by Avra Margariti

The Sleep of Reason by Michael H. Payne

The Dragon Maker by Amy Clare Fontaine

Self-Expression by R. C. Capasso

Travelling Along the River Bend by Lena Ng

* * *

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