January 7, 2023

Awards Eligibility Post for 2022

Awards season is coming around again, so we’ve compiled a reference list of all the original stories Zooscape published in 2022, along with approximate word counts.  If you haven’t read these yet, you’re in for a treat.  Please keep them in mind when considering which stories to nominate for awards this year:

Coyote Woman Sings the Blues by Marissa James (3,200 words)

Charley Coavins by Gretchen Tessmer (1,100 words)

The Swift-Footed Darling of the Rocks (Do NOT Actually Call Me That) by Marie Croke (2,800 words)

My Song Too Fierce by Emily Randolph-Epstein (3,000 words)

Harold’s Hook by Rebecca E. Treasure (700 words)

The Best Way to Procure Breakfast by Dana Vickerson (3,000 words)

The Sacrificial Mouse by Divyasri Krishnan (2,100 words)

Cat and Mouse by Gabriel Robinson (500 words)

What They Serve in Valhalla by David Sklar (2,400 words)

Drakopegasus by Jack Adam (500 words)

Mooncalf by Anna Madden (100 words)

Death is the Referee by Katlina Sommerberg (2,900 words)

Where Does It Hurt? by Amy Clare Fontaine (1,000 words)

The Power of Volcanic Love by Carol Scheina (900 words)

The Reunion by Kristen Hornung (500 words)

The Huli Jing of Chinatown by Wen Wen Yang (3,100 words)

Entanglement Solved by Stephen R. Loftus-Mercer (900 words)


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