December 20, 2022

Issue 16

Welcome to Issue 16 of Zooscape!

Pain, survival, and love.  These are cornerstones of life, art, and yes, furry art.  Because furry art and fiction is, at the heart, no different from any other art or fiction.  It’s beauty that humans create to try to reckon and wrestle with the harshness of the universe.  Furry art just happens to dress up in a fancy fur coat with tails and ears, or maybe a shimmering cloak of scales, or even butterfly wings.  But beneath those squishy edges, the heart beats the same.

* * *

Death is the Referee by Katlina Sommerberg

Where Does It Hurt? by Amy Clare Fontaine

The Power of Volcanic Love by Carol Scheina

The Reunion by Kristen Hornung

The Pine Lesson by Ian Madison Keller

The Huli Jing of Chinatown by Wen Wen Yang

Funnel Dresses by Priya Sridhar

Entanglement Solved by Stephen R. Loftus-Mercer

* * *

If you want to learn more about the nature of furry fiction — if reading our stories hasn’t given you a clear enough picture, and you want it spelled out for you plainly — check out this essay by our editor in our sister magazine, Deep Sky Anchor:

* * *

Furry Fiction: The Squishy Edges and the Heart by Mary E. Lowd

* * *

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