March 1, 2020

Issue 6

Welcome to Issue 6 of Zooscape!

As winter melts into spring, readers and bears alike awake from their hibernation.

Emerge from your cave, dear reader-bear, look around, and see the new stories we have for you to read!

* * *

Dragon Child by Stella B. James

Double Helix by Lucia Iglesias

The Bone Poet and God by Matt Dovey

The Hedgehog and the Pine Cone by Gwynne Garfinkle

As If Waiting by A. Katherine Black

The Adventures of WaterBear and Moss Piglet by Sandy Parsons

* * *

Once you’ve seen these stories—full of dragons and bears; creatures gigantic and minuscule; voyages both out into the universe and inward to the truest self—feel free to withdraw into your cave and read them in deep, dark seclusion.  But don’t hoard them like a dragon, keeping the stories hidden forever in your cave.

After poring over this treasure trove of words, savoring them, and delighting in them, don’t keep them only for yourself—share the treasure!  Share our stories far and wide.  As always, if you want to support Zooscape more directly, we have a Patreon.

Exciting news!

Zooscape has been nominated for an Ursa Major Award!  Thank you very much to everyone who helped nominate us, and if you enjoy Zooscape, please consider voting for us.  Voting is easy to do and open to everyone!

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Have a beautiful spring, and we’ll see you this summer!


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