January 9, 2020

Awards Eligibility Post for 2019

With awards season upon us, we wanted to make a quick and easy reference list of all of our stories from 2019 that are eligible for awards.

Cat of Thunder by John Taloni (3,700 words)

Bibelots and Baubles by Shauna Roberts (700 words)

New Hire at the Final Library by Laurence Raphael Brothers (900 words)

The Move by Kristi Brooks (1000 words)

¡Viva Piñata! by L.D. Nguyen (300 words)

Clyde and the Pickle Jar by Steve Carr (1,400 words)

A Warm, Dark Place in the Earth by Mackenzie Kincaid (4,100 words)

Sealskin by L Chan (700 words)

Good, Better, Best by Rachel Rodman (3,400 words)

Dragons Are Made by Searska GreyRaven (2,600 words)

Spider, Dreaming by Michelle Muenzler (300 words)

The Carnivore Queen by Alexandra Faye Carcich (1,700 words))

The Cosmic Woes of Finnigan Turtle by Hannah Montine (5,000 words)

The Farmer and the Potter by Amy Hammack Turner (2,000 words)

Saga of the Knapaleith by Allison Thai (16,400 words)

Leafless Crossing by Voss Foster (5,600 words)

The Stone Mask and the Frogs by Mark Mills (1,100 words)

‘Twas Brillig by Michael H. Payne (4,800 words)

Go On, Lick Me by Luna Corbden (800 words)

Nine Ways to Then by Diana A. Hart (2,800 words)


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