June 1, 2020

Issue 7

Welcome to Issue 7 of Zooscape!

If you’re reading this issue of Zooscape, then you’ve survived the long, hard spring that lasted ten thousand years.  You’ll need some provisions before continuing on your journey.  So, please, take these stories with you on your way…

* * *

The God-Smoker by Dylan Craine

Maker Space by Adele Gardner

When the Horse Came to the Open House by K. C. Mead-Brewer

Love From Goldie by David Steffen

Riding Through the Desert by Laurence Raphael Brothers

Fur and Feather by Ingrid L. Taylor

* * *

Each of these stories is a journey in miniature, and the characters are changed by the end.  Much as you may be changed, hopefully for the better, by reading them.

As always, if you want to support Zooscape, we have a Patreon.  We’re closing to submissions for the summer, but we’ll see you in September when the season turns!


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