March 1, 2019

Issue 2

Welcome to Issue 2 of Zooscape!

Book-ended between cats, you will find in this issue a variety of artifacts.  Ancient artifacts that belong in a museum, and artifacts that don’t think of themselves as inanimate.  Powerful artifacts that can do great good when wielded in the right paws, or great damage when the right paws can’t stop them.  So, wander through this library of an issue, examining the artifacts along the way.  Someday, instead, perhaps they will examine you…

* * *

Cat of Thunder by John Taloni

Bibelots and Baubles by Shauna Roberts

New Hire at the Final Library by Laurence Raphael Brothers

The Move by Kristi Brooks

¡Viva Piñata! by L.D. Nguyen

Clyde and the Pickle Jar by Steve Carr

* * *

Though artifacts may break, our empathy will not be broken.  Long live furry fiction!  And as always, if you have artifacts (in the form of furry stories) for us to consider for our ongoing, carefully curated collection, please read our guidelines and send them in.


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