September 1, 2019

Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 4 of Zooscape!

In furry fiction, some animals are the staples, and others are the spice.  Doing a round-up of stories in our first year, for instance, Zooscape has published four times as many cat stories as, say, elephant or octopus stories.  People like cats, so there are a lot of stories about them.  Fewer people seem to feel compelled to write stories about, oh, manta rays or sentient piñatas.

In this issue, the staple is foxes and wolves, and the spice is turtles and insects.  Wolves who are out of their element; foxes who are on journeys.  Turtles who carry entire worlds on their backs; and insects who discover that even their own society contains different cultures inside of it.

* * *

The Carnivore Queen by Alexandra Faye Carcich

The Cosmic Woes of Finnigan Turtle by Hannah Montine

Charnel House by Ville Meriläinen

The Farmer and the Potter by Amy Hammack Turner

Saga of the Knapaleith by Allison Thai

* * *

When you’ve finished your own journey through these stories, may they keep you sated until our next issue.  If you’d like our issues to be released more often, consider supporting our Patreon. Any money we receive goes directly to the authors.  And, as always, if you enjoy our stories, please share them far and wide!


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