April 15, 2023

Issue 17

Welcome to Issue 17 of Zooscape!

We are the stories we tell.  As we tell them, they change who we are and who we become.  The stories we choose to hold on to — or can’t seem to let go of — shape ourselves and our lives. We need to make room in our stories for other ways of being, for other kinds of beings. For hope. For the possibility of change.  For growth.

This is why Zooscape continues to exist and provide the world with stories, even in these weird and uncertain times.  We will continue keeping the lore.

* * *

Aged Plant Fibers and Ink by James L. Steele

A Seed of Metal by Marlon Ortiz

The Tale of the Rat King by J. M. Eno

Overly Familiar Familiars by S. A. Cole

A Season’s Lament by Patricia Miller

The Swallow Upon My Summers by Sylvia Heike

The Frog Who Swallowed the Moon by Renee Carter Hall

Dragons Anonymous by Jocelyne Gregory

* * *

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