September 15, 2018

Issue 0

Welcome to the launch of Zooscape!

Animals are among the most precious and fascinating resources in our world.  Their variety extends from bizarre deep sea creatures to cuddly friends who sit on our couches hoping for a bite of your sandwich.  They are the most extreme aliens we’ve truly encountered and also the archetypes we tell fairy tales about.  When we tell stories about animals, we’re telling stories about ourselves, both as we are and as we could become.  Furry fiction includes all varieties of stories featuring anthropomorphic animals — from talking dragons to witches’ familiars, from animal-like aliens to Aesop’s fables, and everything in between.

Furry fiction is an exciting frontier.  Explore it with us.

For our zeroth issue, we have a single story for you, to whet your appetite.

* * *

Dragon Toast by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

* * *

We’ll be back every few months with more animal tales. If you’re a writer who specializes or dabbles in stories about anthropomorphic animals of any variety, please consider submitting to us, and your story could be one of them.


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